Can the Republicans Be Saved From Obsolescence?

What a very interesting article. It resonates with me to my core. It speaks of a GOP that is out of touch with Americans. A party that seems self centered and blind to today’s reality and doomed to be trivialized because of its greed, inability to connect to today’s American and a lack of vision.

Data shows many Americans, especially our youth, are very much in favor of limited government AND the freedom to live our lives without interference of government. Or as Jefferson so eloquently put it “… the pursuit of Happiness.” The problem is the GOP is perceived as old and close-minded.

Many people voted for Obama even though his views are contrary to their beliefs. You have to ask why that is. The author provides us with plenty of proof the issue is an out of touch and out of date GOP.

Until the GOP changes this perception it will be marginalized and irrelevant. That is until there is a generational change in leadership. Something that will not take place for at least another ten to twenty years. Until then the our country will move further from the ideals we hold dear; liberty and prosperity for all by a very cleaver and organized left wing. Wake up GOP!

Can the Republicans Be Saved From Obsolescence?


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