Freedom of Association

The article referenced below is a great example of one class of individuals having rights or privileges over another. A photographer is being forced to shoot a lesbian wedding. Somehow I don’t think that is how it is supposed to work. But then I guess freedom of association was thrown out long ago with the advent of civil rights.

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against people living their private lives as they wish. I don’t care about your sexual preferences, race or religion. It’s really none of my business. But it’s supposed to work both ways.  In this particular example if someone refuses to do business with you for whatever reason that may be , it is their right.  It is also an opportunity for another entrepreneur to step in to meet that need. I’m certain there are plenty f capable photographers eager to take photos of this couple’s wedding.

Personally, I recall wanting to rent a house many years back. I had just met my wife. We looked at several houses in our price range and settled on one that met our liking. Just before signing the lease, the owner told me he and his wife did not want to rent to me because they felt it was immoral to have an unmarried couple living on their property. I was surprised and annoyed. Especially since I had given my landlord notice and had to be out in a couple of weeks. Needless to say I scrambled to find another place. Could I have complained? Was it inconvenient? Yes to both questions. But then why would I want to associate with people that draconian? Why hand them my hard-earned money? Instead I respected their beliefs and their right to use their property as they see fit. So I looked for another house to rent. On that note, I cannot imagine how well the photo shoot would turn out. Would you want someone to photograph your wedding against their will?

The Constitutional Right to Conscript a Wedding Photographer


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