Net Neutrality = Government Censorship In Disguise

Net Neutrality is a bad idea. In essence the government is asking to manage bandwidth through regulations.

First, understand bandwidth is a finite resource. Every time you connect a computer to the internet, you are competing for bandwidth with every other computer that is connected. For example you may be playing an on-line game, your neighbor may be streaming a Netflix movie. Times that by millions. Thats where routers come in. They are the traffic cop of the internet. But the government can’t manage millions of routers.

The only way they ( the government) can manage bandwidth is to regulate content. In other words, they choose who’s content is prioritized or allowed. The government claims that ISPs will give preferential treatment to some internet services over others and that they can do that better. How will they decide? Should they give it to Netflix, or Hulu, or or maybe to YouTube?

Bandwidth management is complex. Its much like supply and demand.
The question to ask is how will the government decide who gets what bandwidth?
The fact of the matter is, government is afraid of the internet. Its afraid it can’t control the flow of ideas….control speech. The government can’t wait to get their hands on it. This is their excuse to do so. Do you really want that? I don’t.


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